“Wow ! That was just terrific. What a package. Great presentation -comprehensive data and so accessible and concise. Not only that, but coupled with excellent analysis both fundamental and technical; I have never before seen anyone able to combine all those five components.”
Thanks again, Claes

Wow ! That was just terrific

“Your product puts it all together! It’s like finding the Hope diamond! It’s like I’ve got a teacher right in front of me who will show me over and over again with just a click of the mouse!”

– – – David

Your product puts it all together

“Track ‘n’ Trade Pro was responsible for accelerating my interest in futures trading years ago. The software was a pleasure to review and write about.”

Best regards, David Penn
Stocks & Commodities Magazine

The software was a pleasure to review and write about

“This software has really enabled me to further myself with trading commodities. Never before has keeping track of my trading been so easy.”

– – – Jim

Been so easy

“What a surprise. This program is outstanding. It meets the needs of both new and experienced commodity traders. The tutorials were absolutely excellent. The speed of the program is also wonderful. It is user friendly and straight forward. I confidently rate this program as “Excellent”, and congratulate its developers for such work.”

– – – Karlton

What a surprise. This program is outstanding

My favorite thing about the COT Plug-in with the JBCOT Indicator, is that it is NOT based on market price whatsoever! It’s NOT like any other indicator you’ve ever seen, it does NOT even take the markets price into consideration. This is strictly an indicator that looks at what the largest industry movers are doing, and then points it out to us! Wow, now that’s powerful!”

– Lan H. Turner, President,
Gecko Software, Inc.


My Favorite Thing