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The Commitment of Traders (COT) Indicator gives you the Overall Picture of what is happening behind the scenes of each Futures market.

It actually tells you who's buying and who's selling; that information is just way too important to leave to chance. Without knowing the COT, you're basically trading blindfolded; this information is absolutely "key" to your trading success!

You see, the Commitment of Trader's Report is broken down into three categories, take a look at the following indicator:

In this graphic, you will notice that we have three color bars and one yelllow line:

Red Bars:The Commercial Traders (i.e. Farmers, Hedgers, Producers, and Factories)
Blue Bars: The Large Speculators (i.e. Banks and Large Financial Money Managers)
Green Bars: The Small Speculators (i.e. You and me)
Yellow Line: The overall open interest in the market.

Notice that the Red bars are all pointing down, which indicates that the Commercials are all selling, or going short. Notice that the Blue bars are all facing up, which means the Large Speculators are buying, going long in the market. Basically, the Red guys, the big Commercials are selling their contracts to the Blue guys, the Big Speculators. Look at the little Green guys, they are the Small Speculators, guys like you and me, who are also going short, or selling, that's why their bars are all facing down too.

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Example 1: Soybean Oil Dec 2004Z

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Can you see the Buy and the Sell arrows/signals being generated on the chart above? In the above chart see how amazing the JBCOT indicator in Track 'n Trade Pro can be! You will be amazed at the accuracy of Jake Berstein's formula; it is absolutely unbelievable!!!

His formula is for reading the COT and for deriving buy/sell signals from it. I was absolutely amazed at the accuracy of Jake's formula. Now remember, the COT does not take into account the actual price of the market whatsoever. All we are doing is telling you when the momentum of the largest industry players are changing direction in their buying and selling power. We are, in essence, showing you the hands of the other players with these buy/sell arrows. We are simply pointing out when the momentum of the market is changing, and when the big boys are changing from buying contracts to selling contracts or vice-versa: not in price, but in time.

Here's another chart for you to scope out!

Example 2: Silver Dec 2004Z

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So, do you think this little gem could come in handy? The commitment of traders requires an additional data feed to keep it current, so we update it as soon as the report is posted by the Feds each Friday. The data is downloaded directly into Track 'n Trade 5.0 along with your daily market data update subscription service--quick and easy!

Okay, now here's some more of the good stuff...

Example 2: Live Cattle Dec 2003Z

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You ever been worried about being caught in a limit move? I know I have. Just looking back through history, I've noticed these classic examples of where the large specs and the large commercials were jumping ship just before a large limit move crash. How do they know? Amazing isn't it. The JBCOT pointed it out to us, giving us plenty of time to react.

Here's another classic example.

Example 2: Lean Hogs Dec 1999Z

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Here's one more for the road...

Example 2: US T-Note June 2004M

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Track 'n Trade 5.0 with the COT Plug-in ...a powerful combination!

Commitment of Traders Indicator
See what the Large Traders, Commercial Traders, and Small Speculators are trading. This indicator is displayed as a bar graph in the Indicator Window of Track 'n Trade.

JBCOT Buy/Sell Indicator
This indicator is an amazing addition to the COT Plug-in! This indicator, designed by Jake Bernstein, gives you buy/sell signals based on the COT data.You will gain unbelievable insight into your trades and analysis.

Up to 10 years of historical data on many markets

The COT Plug-in comes with plenty of history, giving you a fantastic historical view for the COT weekly report. Subscribe to the COT data service for only $19.95 per month ($199.50/year) and get weekly updates with your regular data downloads.

Video Training! - Commitment of Traders Educational CD
The COT Plug-in comes with a FREE educational CD packed with examples and multimedia video training. Watch the videos and learn about the basics of trading with the COT Plug-in, and then how to begin applying these strategies in your trading.


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COT Screenshot Guide

In the screenshots to the left you will notice that the COT Indicator has three types of bars:

Blue - Large Professional Traders
These are the pros, the big boys, the professional money managers and bank fund managers. You always want to be doing what these guys are doing.

Red - Commercial Traders
These are the "Commercials"--the farmers and factories. They already own the product, so unless you are a farmer trying to sell your crop, don't follow the red guy's example.

Green - Small Speculators
These are the tiny guys--the small speculators. Never follow their example; most of the time they are wrong and losing money. Notice in the example above, they are all selling and going short during a huge uptrend in the market. They are doing just the opposite of what they should be doing, and just the opposite of the big blue guys.


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Software Reviews

"My favorite thing about the COT Plug-in with the JBCOT Indicator, is that it is NOT based on market price whatsoever! It's NOT like any other indicator you've ever seen, it does NOT even take the markets price into consideration. This is strictly an indicator that looks at what the largest industry movers are doing, and then points it out to us! Wow, now that's powerful!"

- Lan H. Turner, President,
  Gecko Software, Inc.

Your product puts it all together! It’s like finding the Hope diamond! It’s like I’ve got a teacher right in front of me who will show me over and over again with just a click of the mouse!”

- - - David

"What a surprise. This program is outstanding. It meets the needs of both new and experienced commodity traders. The tutorials were absolutely excellent. The speed of the program is also wonderful. It is user friendly and straight forward. I confidently rate this program as "Excellent", and congratulate its developers for such work."

- - - Karlton

"This software has really enabled me to further myself with trading commodities. Never before has keeping track of my trading been so easy."

- - - Jim

Wow ! That was just terrific. What a package. Great presentation -comprehensive data and so accessible and concise. Not only that, but coupled with excellent analysis both fundamental and technical; I have never before seen anyone able to combine all those five components.”

Thanks again, Claes

"Track 'n' Trade Pro was responsible for accelerating my interest in futures trading years ago. The software was a pleasure to review and write about."

Best regards, David Penn
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